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As the initial stages of the hiring process become increasingly automated, the chances of a candidate standing out with a traditional resume are becoming increasingly slim. “Dimension” is the new buzz word among the hiring professionals today.  Resumes without it are considered flat, and sometimes even boring.  Recruiters have even […]

Land The Interview With A Functional Resume

FALLING IS A PROCESS. SO IS GETTING BACK UP. The mom of a client recently reached out to me for help with her child who was “horizontal and not talking to anyone” after being passed over for a job. Ordinarily my reaction would be to refer them to a therapist, […]

Millennials, The Job Hunt, and Over-Parenting

In today’s environment, one of the most difficult things job search candidates face is the ability to stand out.  Hours are spent crafting an ideal cover letter, with all the proof in the world of a perfect fit for the position. The resume of experience includes a nod to every […]

Translating Your Story Into A Job-Winning Resume