I’m always raving about how life-changing working with Linda has been. From our first session, I knew that she would be instrumental to the start of my career. She helped me re-work my resume, refine my interview skills, and develop my own story as a desirable job candidate. Further, she helped me understand the current job market and how to make informed career choices. Most importantly, she motivated me to simply do the work and be accountable for the goals we set each week. I can say in total honesty that I looked forward to our weekly meetings, as they were always beneficial and engaging. I knew that Linda was invested in my progress, and that each session was tailored to my needs. Linda was always open and willing to offer her guidance the second I needed it. Once I even called her late one evening for last minute advice before an interview the following morning.
No matter what stage of your professional career you are in, you have something valuable to learn from Linda. I treasure all the notes and lessons I saved from our sessions, knowing that they will help me down the line. Linda is the absolute best and has my highest recommendation!
– Solange Pittet


Linda is very helpful and provides an honest and insightful perspective on career choices. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to further your career or switch industries altogether.
– Chris Sillman


Working with Linda absolutely changed my life. For years I struggled with trying to fit my career into the acceptable norm, and finally hit a wall. I was miserable. Linda’s guidance helped me rediscover what I love and all that I pushed aside unknowingly, and spun it into a new career where I am flourishing today! Take my advice; Linda knows what she is doing. She is an expert at reflecting back what she observes and uses that as an effective tool to empower her clients. And who couldn’t use a little more confidence? In all honesty, I hated to see the sessions come to an end.
– Chris Devlin


I worked with Linda right after my youngest child left for college. Here I was, volunteer extraordinaire, having chaired most of the committees I was on, but now feeling a little lost. I knew I wanted to take on something else, but honestly believed that the world had moved beyond all of my talents. Well let’s just say that Linda set me straight on that thought in our very first session! Using a combination of life coaching and career strategies, she helped me move beyond my own fears about going back into the work force. We combined all the things I love to do with all the skills I have, and I ended up completely reinventing myself with a brand new career! Linda is really great at empowering you and mapping out a plan to help you live your dreams. I love my new career, and am so proud of myself for being able to start something new in my life at 51 years old!
– Lisa Michaels