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Coaching is a process that works beautifully with your own intuition. It begins with peeling back the layers of programming and influences that have affected your dreams.

Coaching helps you hear your own voice again and speak from a place of confidence about where you want to go in your career.

Together we uncover and resolve any thoughts that might be holding you back or keeping you from really going for that dream.

We build your confidence while we develop a plan to move you out of your comfort zone and into the next chapter of your life!



My coaching practice is twofold. I coach people who are facing transition, be it professional career or personal, seasoned or not, and are looking for a more meaningful and happier life.

On the other end of the spectrum, I work with those who are trying to figure out how to start a career in a field they love, navigate the pitfalls of the job hunting process, or even stop the job hopping cycle.

Either way, it’s a form of reinvention, and with some honest reflection, it isn’t as difficult as you may think…



So what about you?

Are you someone who jumped into the first job you were offered and now regretting it?

Have you hit the wall in your career and looking for a change?

Or maybe looking to launch a career or even reposition yourself into a better fit?

Perhaps you ran a household and your role is changing, leaving you concerned about who you aren’t anymore?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help you.  Coach with me and find your way back to a renewed you!





12 Session Package  90 minutes each – $3000


One-on-one coaching for those starting out or in the early stages of a renewed career launch.

Launching a career today has its challenges as the human element in the job search process fades.  You have to separate yourself from the competition and tell your story before you even get invited in!

  • Put your best self out there with a resume that reflects your personality, your strengths and your story.
  • Learn to identify positions best suited for you and the most authentic job postings.
  • Develop effective strategies for networking.
  • Define the best approach for communicating through cover letters, email correspondence, and follow-up procedures.
  • Become more confident in interviews with role playing until it becomes second nature.
  • Learn to weave your story into your answers and turn the “interview” into a “conversation”.
  • Formulate intriguing questions and follow-up procedures to get you that offer!
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Per Session  60 minutes each – 5 Sessions – $950, 10 Sessions – $1750


For those who have completed ROCK YOUR CAREER or ADVANCED CAREER ACCELERATOR program and are in need of a little more support to keep you focused on next steps. One hour check-in session either in person or on a call, where we review your tasks and accomplishments and then coach through any issues you might have. Accountability Coaching is great for anyone requiring extra focus or support in moving forward. Choose an individual session or pick a package that works for you.

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  3-Pack  90 minutes each – $1000


3 Strategy Sessions to help you thrive and give you pointers on how build your story and position yourself to further your career.

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