My Story and the Turnaround

about-meHi, I’m Linda – Certified Motivational Life, Career Coach & Strategist, seasoned facilitator, reinvention architect, and career launch maven.

Welcome to my humble abode!

Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a new adventure, or maybe just a re-positioning, this is the place for you!


I’ve been there myself, married to my best friend with 3 beautifully challenging children, and balancing life with several cross country moves while trying to juggle a hugely successful career… then one day I just felt it all start to slip. My children were being raised by someone else because of the demands of my job and the guilt from that alone tore me apart. I had to put my career on hold for the sake of my family and for my own sanity.

In the short time I was out though, I found that the business had grown away from me, and reinventing myself became a necessity. I would need to be very creative in order to even be noticed now. So with an entrepreneurial spirit and my corporate background as the base, I created what has become the perfect formula for success in launching a new career or entrepreneurial adventure, relaunching, and pivoting into a different career altogether.

In the program, I guide you through an incredibly simple, workable process to help you identify and pursue roles that complement how you function both personally and professionally, and translate that into career options. We create your story in both conversational and resume format and position it for the new scanning technology that is becoming the norm in the hiring process.

For more traditional roles, we cover the acceptable ways to network, role play through the interview process, and prepare you for the salary negotiations toward that lucrative compensation package.

And for those entrepreneurs looking to find a good fit for a great business idea, or even develop an existing idea, I’ll help you construct a less traditional, right brain-oriented business plan, structured in a way to keep the creativity flowing, and keep you focused at the same time.

So why wait?  Hop on a 15 minute exploratory call with me and see if it’s a good fit.

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